Are you looking for a simpler solution to your engine fueling needs? Has the romantic enchantment with EFI worn of? Join the growing number of race teams that are switching back to the simplicity of a properly sized and calibrated carburetor. While enjoying such advantages as:

  • No sacrifice in engine performance
  • Less engine drag
  • More consistent runs
  • Wider tuning latitude for changing weather conditions

We have EFI delete kits available for Four Two Barrel, Dual Four Barrel, and Single Four Barrel applications. In addition to,  Pro Mod, Pro Nitrous, Mountain Motor, Pro Stock, X 275, and Out Law 10.5.

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Featured Products

261910XX Bleed, 10-32 set screw
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Air bleed, 6-40 - blank slotted undrilled
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Oxy fuel, Q-16 complete assembly - 30CC
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Seat, check valve
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Sheer Plate, 7395 Fixed Small Diameter 2.44
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Sheer Plate, 7520 - Fixed Large Diameter
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